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Fair Play and Security


Facts of online gaming, its fairness and the security...

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Fair Gaming

Fairness: this word is used by many but only a few actually know what it means. Online Gaming is quite simply one of those industries where being fair is a MUST, otherwise no one will use the services provided.

Many offline scratch card and other instant win game manufacturers call their games 'fair'. The question is to whom it is fair? To those who own the companies that sell the cards or to those who buy them? We all know the answer to that question, don't we?

If you think about what is fair when talking about online gaming, instant win games to be specific, fair means excellent payouts, fair means good win rates, FAIR means being fair to the customer; to reward the person who is willing to share his time and reward him well!

Secure Gaming

Remember this: we live in a media world, a world where the most amount of money and information go through the internet. Now ask yourself: Would it be possible if money transfers and other data transfers for example were not secure? The answer to this is of course NO.

Today the algorithms used by security programs are so difficult to break that it would take hundreds of years for even the fastest computers in the world. It would literally take decades for even military grade platforms to do this!

Safe Gaming

Consider this: Which is safer? Scratching a scratch card outside a kiosk or supermarket, or at home in front of your computer?

Would it be better to take your winning lottery ticket to the shop that sold it to claim your prize, or to make a few clicks here and there and have the prize transfered into your account without leaving the safety and warmth of your home?

In online Instant Win games such as the Lottery, Keno and of course Scratch Cards it is not possible to lose your winning ticket and it is not possible to bump into someone and have your millions carried away with the wind.

Rewarding Gaming

The thought of spending dozens of euros or pounds on scratch cards with a hope that one of them will brighten your cold and rainy day, is probably very familiar; I am sure we have all thought at some point: "Well maybe just a few cards, it's not expensive why not?" or "it's easy why not?" or even "I could win thousands so why not?"

The reason you should not is that you could spend that same cash on Online Games. Ok, it might sound too straightforward but Hey! You do get better prizes and you do get huge winnings and you have absolutely amazing win rates and payouts, that is -The Fact-

Online Gaming

You don't need to be an expert Internet surfer to find safe and secure sites to play online games. Anyone who tells you; "It is hard", "It is difficult" or "It's unsecure", does NOT know what he/she is talking about. In fact, money transfers from gaming sites to your bank accounts or "virtual wallets", and vice-versa, are perhaps the most secure actions you can do online!

Of course choosing the right site is something you still should use some of your time on. Most of the sites, have their licensing information shown right on the first page. Below is an example how this can be accomplished. As you can see, the license is clearly stated eliminating any chance of confusion (the picture is taken from SlotsNGames).

Licenses provided by Gibraltar, Malta and UK Gambling Comission are considered to be the most regulated and overwatched. In other words, sites that are under these licenses are the most safe and secure.

If you fail to find licensing information, it might have something to do with poor management, missuse of information or the site could be missing it completely! If that truy is the case, you should stay away from that site, as it might not be regulated at all, and that would mean that your money and registration information are unsafe and you might never get your winnings.

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