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Games Of Luck: Lotto and Keno

The luckiest games there are: Lottery and Keno...

Ah, the lottery, winning it BIG time, millions, maybe even Tens of Millions. The game that has been around forever, although the "Tens of Millions" is a rather new concept. Now, this game has made its way onto the Internet where its popularity has soared.

Check out some of the best Lottery and Keno providers on the web. It's easy, its cheap and you can't lose your ticket!

Keno | Lottery

The Lotter

The Lotter is one of the few websites that give you an opportunity to participate in almost all International or national lotteries. Thorough The Lotter you can, for example participate in the glorious El Gordo lottery with a huge jackpot of 2.5 BILLION and a chance to win 1:100.000! Thats right ONE in 100.000, you simply can'b eat those odds!

In additional to the incredibly huge jackpots The Lotter also offers smaller jackpots with better chances to win. For example you can play American lotteries which feature hundreds of millions in jackpots.

If you like playing lotto, The Lotter is a MUST for you!

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Keno is a game of chance and has grown to become a huge favourite amongst casino players worldwide. Keno is a lottery-like or bingo-like game that uses a circular glass enclosure called a 'bubble' containing 80 ping pong balls which determine the 'balldraw' result. Each ball is imprinted with a number from 1 to 80. During the draw, the balls are mixed in the bubble and then released into a V-shaped tube called the 'Rabbit Ear'. After all players place their wagers, the casino draws 20 balls at random. The more numbers the player gets, the higher the payout.

Now with the introduction of Online Keno, players can benefit from the excitement of the game whilst playing in the comfort of their own home. What makes Online Keno even more attractive are the progressive Jackpots which can sometimes amount to millions of dollars that can instantly change your life!

To play online Keno, each player purchases a ticket (the Keno board) featuring a total of 80 numbers. The objective of the game is to predict as many of the 20 numbers that are finally drawn at random in each round. Players can choose to bet on 1 to 10 numbers. It's fun, easy and a fantastic way to pass the time.

In terms of strategy, it is very simple - select a casino that you can trust that also gives you the option of playing for free so you can test out the game, and equally as important; make sure you decide how much you're willing to play with and possibly lose and don't backtrack on that decision!

If you're wondering about the probabilties of winning, we can tell you that there are so many potential number combinations, literally over three quintillion that can come up but be reassured...all you need is plenty of luck. After all, it is a game of chance. Good luck!

You can play different variations of Keno on these sites: Casino Tropez, Pokerihuone Casinos, CasinoEuro and Unibet.

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The National Lottery (national-lottery.co.uk) is one of the leading gaming providers in the UK offering a fantastic selection of online instant-win games as well as weekly lotteries. The instant win games selection includes many well-known and loved themes such as Snakes & Ladders, Cluedo, Monopoly, Family Fortunes, Uno and even Pictionary!

The games are fun, amusing,interactive and most importantly offer huge cash prizes from £8,000 upto £100,000 with an average of 1 in 3.8 chances of winning. What's great is that all games can be tried for free so you can really get a feel for how to play and win.

Scratch cards are also available at the National Lottery website, again with 18 different themes and cash prizes - the games are very straight forward and each page provides details on how to play, game procedures, the winning amount and even the overall odds of winning a prize. With a variety of different interactive games, there is quite literally something for everyone...so get playing, and as the National Lottery says, the winner "could be you".

If playing the lottery for a multi-million pound Jackpot is more your style, you might wish to take part in the national weekly Wednesday or Saturday lottery draw or join players from nine other European countries in the Euro Millions lottery . If no one scoops the Jackpot, the millions keep rolling over to the following week! There are also other lotteries such as Lotto & Dream Number, Thunderball, Lotto Hot Picks and Daily Play.

What's so great about the National Lottery is their committment to raising funds for charities and causes. In fact, they have given over 300,000 grants totalling over £22 billion to help people and organisations across the UK.

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