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An introduction to the best online scratch cards...

Online scratch cards and other instant-win games have been steadily growing in popularity for some years now. Today there are dozens of different instant-win games with fantastic themes, graphics and sounds.

These interactive games offer the players something that offline games are just unable to deliver; Huge wins, unbelievable payouts of over 90% and a very broad price range!

We at TopScratchCards.com are proud to tell our visitors about the greatest instant-win games and we do it 100% for Free!

Crazy Scratch

Crazy Scratch is the only 100% scratch card game site in our selection. In addition to loads of fun scratchcard games you will also find a fair amount of slot machines that you can spend some of your time on, the slot games are actually pretty good considering that the site is mainly a scratch ticket related. Crazy Scratch lobby boasts over 75 different and interactive games in total, all flash-based and requiring no download. Players can simply register and start playing instantly for their chance to win amounts such as 100,000 or even 1 Million!. All games have varying themes to keep game-play fun and exciting and there is literally a game for everyone.

Champagne Scratch card

The odds are positively in your favor in Champagne scratch card. You can also take delight in this terrific game as the scratch card is definitely appealing! Furthermore, the jackpot is a fantastic £200,000, which is not a small sum. As you know, such hefty sums can transform your life!! The bottom bet is an insignificant £0.50, and is affordable to every one. You can also practice the game since it is free. So, no need to be indecisive, play boldly and win big, may be even the awesome jackpot!

Crazy Cat scratch game

If you are looking for an exciting online entertainment experience, Crazy Cat scratch game is the ideal choice that will bring you a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Huge jackpots can be won instantly! You can of course familiarise yourself with the games and play for free before wagering real money. This will help you to understand the scratch card game and feel the adrenaline and excitement from playing. Get playing and you could be the lucky winner to scoop the top jackpot of £200,000!!

Fast Hands

A current favourite is 'Fast Hands' which looks a lot like the rock-paper-scissors game that has been played by virtually everyone.Playing is very simple and straightforward; players set their bets by choosing the price of their hands and select the amount of hands they want to play (6 max.) just press the Play button and see who beats who. The designs are attractive and engaging and it takes less than a few minutes to totally immerse yourself in the game. There is also an option to play for free so that the player can become familiar with all the games before playing with real money.

3WOW - Shout-out WOW! when you win a Million!

In terms of payouts, all games offer a one-in-three chance of winning which is very encouraging, so every third ticket wins. Also CrazyScratch has an insanely rewarding scratch-off ticket in their selection, it is called 3WOW. The actual name of the game has probably something to do with the fact that when you scratch-off 3 Clover Leafs you are totally going to shout out WOW! That is because you have just won a 1,000,000 Jackpot! Yes at CrazyScratch you can win a Million by playing scratchcards.

Play at CrazyScratch now and scratch a fortune while enjoying the wonderfully-themed games they have on offer - that 1,000,000 Jackpot has your name on it.

Memory Madness scratchcard

The chances of winning are quite high in Memory Madness scratchcard game. Also, consider the huge cash jackpot of £200,000. Play today and you could be the next big winner!

If you would like to familiarise yourself with the scratch cards first, why not play for free and then move on to playing for real money when you feel comfortable. Begin by betting small and increase your card value to increase the prize amount you play for. The low end of the card price begins at just £0.05 in this card game which offers the chance to win up to £5,000. Will you be the winner of the ultimate jackpot prize of £200,000!

Golden Island Scratch Game

The odds of a huge win are very big in this scratch game. Golden Island scratch game is highly popular and they is a fantastic way to pass the time. The instant £200,000 jackpot also gives you a reason to play! It could change your life in an instant!



XO Scratch card

The X&O Scratch Cards game offers a one in three chance of winning as well as some of the highest cash prizes for scratch games. No wonder X&O scratch cards are so popular!

If you want to get accustomed to the games and how to play, why not try playing scratch cards for free. It is still exciting and it will help you gain confidence. Once you are happy, you can begin by betting small amounts. Remember the card price starts from £0.50. People from all walks of life can take part in the free games and win big amounts, perhaps even the huge jackpot of £200,000!

Click here to get your £5 free and start Scratching and Winning at Crazy Scratch .com


Slotsngames.co.uk is a brand new casino with a brand new approach. Unlike the 99% of casinos out there, Slots N Games offers much, much softer approach to online gambling. All the popular casino games are obviously present with addition of over 30 slots and 9 varying number games, all with good sounds and looks, are sure to get anyones attention!

All the games are browser-based so no installation or downloading is required, simply register, login and start playing. Great prices and fantastic prizes accompanied with funny looks and sounds make these games worth playing over, and over again.

What makes Slots N Games so special then, you might think. Well, first of all, since Slots N Games is mainly a Slots site, their scratch cards are simply hilarious, in a good way :)

Second and probably the most important thing is obviously the prizes. Having 6 Scratchcards the top prize range at Slots N Games is from 500 to 22,222 times the bet (which can be from £0.25 to £10). In other words; prizes are HUGE and prices quite affordable.

You can teke a look at Scratch cards offered at Slots N Games HERE


Trio is a somewhat simple scratch card; nevertheless, it is a very nice one offering a top prize of €100 000. With an unbelieveble 1:2 win rate, Trio is definitely one of the best online scratch cards out there.

To read more about Trio and see screenshots, drop by our Game Reviews section.

Triple Wins

Triple Wins is actually a family of scratch cards, featuring four cards with very nices themes and an extremely good price-variety. Cards range from only 0.5€ up to 5€. Two of the cards have their own Progressive Jackpot! Payouts and winning-rates are also very competitive. More information about Triple-Win cards can be found on our Game Reviews page.


Now, scratch cards and other instant win games have become a part of almost every online casino and bingohall as additional side games. We found and played with some of the nicest ones which you can read more about by clicking the links below. Previews of these are available on our Game Reviews page.

You can use the menu below to jump straight to the reviews:

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