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CrazyScratch is the only company that focuses 100% on scratch cards at this moment. Their vast collection of games include differetly-themed and interactive scratch cards.

On this page, we offer you brief previews of Casino-themed scratch cards from CrazyScratch. These cards include a Black Jack "look-alike", a Roulette scratch card and even tickets that resemble a slot machine! Enjoy!

More Casino style scratch card previews and reveiws can be found on Scratch card games page, complete with instructions for each scratch game.

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Slot 777 | Slot Super 7 | Slots Pyramid


You may have played online bingo, but have you tried playing 'Scratch card Bingo'? Scratch Card Bingo is the latest trend and can give huge rewards such as an enormous jackpot of £100,000! With a 1 in 3 chance of winning, you'll be steps closer to getting your hands on what is literally, a life-changing stash of cash!

To start playing Bingo: select a scratch ticket value between 0.5$/€/£ and 10$/€/£ and then press the 'play' button. Subsequently, you can alternate scratch grids and press the 'Spin' button. You also have the option of using the 'Scratch All' button which lets the game handle the scratching of your cards and the spin-ball machine.

If you want to kick back in your chair and watch your winnings trickle in, you might decide to opt for the 'Autoplay' feature. This allows you to select the number of rounds you wish to play as well as your scratch ticket value and automatically continues game play for you.

If Bingo is one of your much-loved games and you want to try winning instant cash, this game is perfect for you. Instead of typical gifts and prizes, you can win a massive £100 000, which will go much further than that Christmas Ham Joint you won last year!

Bingo No Win Bingo Scratchcard Bingo Winning Ticket

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If you do prefer an actual Bingo with chatrooms and the rest of the usual goodies like free bingo 90- and 75-ball versions, be sure to check Brits Bingo! Up to £1000 for grabs every day and a huge 300% deposit bonus should be good enough reason for that! :)

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Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza from Scratch2Cash is a different and very exciting take on Bingo, where 60 balls are drawn and you can choose to play upto 8 cards per game.

Getting started, you simply select your desired scratch card value between 0,5$/€/£(jackpot 5,000) - 10$/€/£(jackpot 100,000) as well as the number of cards you would like to purchase.

You can also use the following options: 'Turbo'(speeds up the ball selection), 'Max cards' (will select the maximum number of cards) and 'Autoplay' which allows automatic game p
When you have made all your necessary selections, press 'Play' and watch your bingo winnings flow into your account!

An additional feature to this game is that the sooner you get 'Bingo', the more you win!

Bingo Bonanza is definitely a game for all avid Bingo enthusiasts - it's quick, easy to play and offers attractive jackpots - it's certainly worth a try.

Bingo Bonanza Loose Bingo Bonanza Scratch Card Bingo Bonanza Winning card

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Lucky 21

Are you one for card games? If so, then this game is an excellent choice for you - what makes it different? It's a card game called Lucky 21 played in scratch card form. If it is indeed your lucky day, you could hit a £100,000 jackpot!

The main objective of this game is simply to beat the dealer and get a better hand.

What do you have to do? Firslty, select your desired card and prize value - 0,5$/€/£c could win you a jackpot of 5,000 and 10$/€/£ could win you an amazing 100,000 jackpot). Once you have completed your selection, click the 'Play' button. You can scratch tickets manually by clicking the mouse button or alternatively you can use the 'Scratch All' function to reveal all scratch cards at once.

For the true professionals, there is an autoplay feature which allows you to set the number of rounds you wish to play, and takes over game play for you so that you don't have to make a single click!

Try your luck at Lucky 21 today for your chance to steal the 100,000 jackpot!

Lucky 21 Loose Lucky 21 Win

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Poker King

Are you a Poker Pro? If so, try your hand at this scratch card ame to prove that you truly are the King of Poker!

Start playing by selecting your ticket prize between 0,5$/€/£(possible 5,000 jackpot) - 10$/€/£(possible 100,000 jackpot) and then press the 'Play' button. After this, scratch your three cards to reveal your five poker hands or use the 'Scratch All' button to automatically reveal all.

If you're used to playing this type of game and just wish to play a certain amount of hands, then you can make use of the 'Autoplay' feature.

If you manage to beat the dealer at the right time, with the right bet, you'll be leaving 100,000 euros richer!

Poker King Loose Poker King Win

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Quite literally everyone has heard of or even played the popular game of Roulette; but perhaps not Scratch Card Roulette! Play Roulette in scratch card form and win upto 100,000!

Before spinning the ball, choose a scratch card value between 0,5$/€/£ (Possible 5,000 Jackpot) - 10 $/€/£ (100,000 Jackpot) and then click the 'Play' button. After this, you may choose between scratching your cards manually or by using the 'Scratch All' button to reveal all. Subsequently press the 'Spin' button to spin the Roulette.
If required, you can place limits on your game by using the 'Autoplay' function and the game will continue with minimum involvement allowing you to revel in the anticipation of winning.

Experience this attractive scratch card game in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and spin your way to the 100,000 Jackpot!

Roulette Instant Win Game Roulette Winning Ticket

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Royal Poker

Rub shoulders with Royalty and try your hand at Royal Poker Scratch cards. Do you have what it takes to scoop the 100,000 Jackpot?

All you have to do is choose a scratch card value between 0,5 $/€/£(5,000 Jackpot) - 10$/€/£(100,000 Jackpot) and then hit the 'Play' button. The deal will then deal out two cards which you can reveal using the 'Scratch All' button. You can also play repeatedly with minimal effort by selecting the 'Autoplay' feature.

If you reveal a Royal Flush, your bet will multiply by 10,000 and you'll could be walking away with an amazing 100,000!

Royal Poker No Win Royal Poker Win

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Scratch n Roll

"Alea jacta est!"("The die has been cast") Ceasar once proclaimed and in this case, your winnings will mark the point of no return! Throw the dice and collect a jackpot of 100,000.

Before you roll your die, choose your scratch card value between 0,50$/€/£ jackpot is 5,000) - 10$/€/£ (jackpot is 100,000) and after that press 'Play'. Clicking roll, will actually throw the die. You may opt to scratch the cards yourself to increase the excitement or save your energy for the big win by using the 'Scratch All' feature.

To make life even easier, make use of the 'Autoplay' feature which places the game on 'Auto pilot' to continue playing while you kick back and think of ways to spend your winnings!

Scratch 'n'n Roll Loosing Ticket Scratch 'n' Roll Winning Scratch Card

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Slot 777

Slot machines are everywhere nowadays...sometimes even in rest homes! However, the Slot 777 scratch card game is not your typical Slot Game -
every third scratch card wins and the lucky winner can win upto 100,000!

To start playing Slot 777, set your ticket prize to a value between 0,5$/€/£(Jackpot 5,000) and 10$/€/£(Jackpot 100,000) and then click the 'Play' button. Start scratching manually using your mouse or with the 'Scratch All' option to reveal your cards automatically.

You can also set boundaries on your playing by selecting your card number and values and hitting the 'Autoplay' button.

Come and experience a new kind of slot magic at Slot 777 for an opportunity to collect upto 100,000 and be the envy of all your friends.

Slot 777 No Win Slot 777 Win

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Slot Super 7

Now you have the chance to play a traditional one-arm bandit slot, but this time...in scratch card form!

Win 100,000 instantly by first choosing your card value between 0,5$/€/£(jackpot 5 000) - 10$/€/£ (jackpot 100 000) and then by hitting the 'Play' button. Scratch your cards by moving the cursor over the cards themselves, or select the 'Scratch All' button to perform this automatically.

If you fancy automatic game play, simply select the 'Autoplay' function and watch your account balance go up.

With a one in three chance of winning, the Slot Super 7 game brings you much closer to that 100,000 Jackpot!

Slot Super 7 Loose Slot Super 7 Win

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Slots Pyramid

Give the Scratch Card 'Slots Pyramid' game a go and take all of Cleopatra's treasures home with you.

To start emptying these pyramids, first select your scratch ticket value between 0,5$/€/£(Jackpot 5,000) - 10$/€/£(Jackpot 100,000) and then push the 'Play' button. You can scratch the pyramids open one by one for ultimate anticipation or alternatively use the 'Scratch All' option to perform the scratching automatically. Get three identical symbols and the pyramid treasures will come your way!

You can use also the Autoplay feature for automatic game play.

Try to find Cleopatra's Secret "Tomb" and sweep the dazzling 100,000 Jackpot!

Slots Pyramid Loosing Ticket Slots Pyramid Winning Ticket

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