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Fantasy Scratch Card Games

Previews of fantasy scratch cards...

The online scratch card and other instant-win games market has been growing for some years now. Today there are dozen of different instant-win games with fantastic themes, graphics and sounds.

These interactive games offer the players something the offline games are just unable to deliver; Huge wins, unbelievable payouts of over 90% and a varying card price range.

We at TopScratchCards.com are proud to offer our visitors the greatest instant-win games of all and we do it 100% Free!

You will find more fantasy-like scratchcard games on our Scratch card games page!

Fantasy Forest | Genie | Golden Island | Lucky Diamonds | Mega Safe | Super Chance
Treasure Island | Zodiac

Fantasy Forest

A small temple in the magical fantasy forest with faries above it and a unicorn next to it That is the layout of this magical scratch card. Just as the name suggests this is a truly magical forest. Choose your stake from 0.5€ to 10€. Top prizes in this game depend on your bet but for just 0.5€ you can win upto 5000€!

Choose the stake and hit the "play" button, or just press "space" to begin playing. Click on the faries to make them reveal the diamonds they are holding. Or just hit the "Scratch all" button to rev alll panels. To win, you must find 3 diamonds with the same colour, only the unicorn knows your prize so click on it to find it out what it is.

In this game you also have the 'Autoplay' option, allowing you to select the number of games to play and of course your minimun and maximum balance.

Step inside this magical forest and let the faries make you rich!

Fantasy Forest Ticket Fantasy Forest Win

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Step inside the treasure cave of Aladdin and rob its riches for yourself!

First choose your wager from 0.5€ to 10€ (top prize is 100 000€ !) and push the "play" button. You can scratch the oil lamps manually to reveal what jewels the genie in each lamp holds. Rub the oil lamp labeled with "prize"-text to see what you win. To win the prize at least one genie must hold 3 gemstones of the same kind; you have a chance to win each prize 3 times! Use the "scratch all" function to rub all lamps automatically.
Autoplay-function lets you decide how many scratch cards you would like to scratch and what is your minimun and maximum balance. Let the genies be as favourable to you as they were to the lucky Aladdin!

Genie Scratch Card Genie Real Money Win Genie Win

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Golden Island

What could make more justice to the Gold Island title than treasure chests filled with gold for you to carry away.

Choose your stake from 0.5€ to 10€ with top-prizes range from 5000€ to 100 000€ depending on your bet and start playing. Click on the treasure chests one by one or scratch them all open at once with the "scratch all" button. When you manage to find gold in the chests the next exciting part is finding out how much you have won. Scratch open the Prize Chest to find out your winnings!

You have a great Autoplay function at your disposal which lets you choose the amount of games to play and of course the minimum and maximun balance.

Come and collect your share of the treasure and sail into the sunset with a huge grin on your face and pockets full of gold.

Golden Island Win

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Lucky Diamonds

Could it be the time to reward yourself a bit? Open jewellery boxes and the gift could be some sparkling diamonds - definitely a woman's best friend!

Start by selecting the stake that suits your wallet from 0.5€ to 10€. Top prizes for this scratch card are 5000€ to 100 000€ depending on your bet. Start playing by selecting the play button.

Open the boxes one by one or by clicking the "scratch all" button. Finding three diamonds of the same shape and colour mean that you win the amound hidden under the priz panel.

You can also use the excellent Autoplay function with which you can choose the amount of tickets to scratch and the maximum and minumum balance.

Make the journey to this virtual diamond shop and let the diamonds illuminate your future!

Lucky Diamonds Win

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Mega Safe

Have you ever dreamed of breaking into a safe? Now you have a chance to try your wits without the risk of being caught and if you succeed you'll get away with an excellent reward!

To try your luck, first select the bet from 0.5€ to 10€ and hit the "PLAY" button. You have a total of 6 different codes hidden under the scratch surface, each made of 3 numbers. The code you will be testing is written in the code field. Scratch the remaining 6 fields (game 1-6) to find out if your code is the right one for this safe. The amount hidden in the safe will be revealed when you get the safe door open!

The prize depends on your wager; to win the top prize of €100 000 your wager must be 10€. This game also features the Autoplay function that lets you play automatically without the need of scratching every card manually. Select the number of cards to play and your maximum and minimum balance to start playing with Autoplay.

Try to break this safe and if you're lucky, you'll steal an incredible €100 000!!

Mega Safe No Win Mega Safe Scratchcard Mega Safe Win

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Super Chance

Spin the grand Wheel of Fortune and watch in anticipation to see where the wheel will stop! You could spin your way to a Jackpot of 100,000!

All you have to do is set your card value to an amount between 0,5$/€/£ - 10$/€/£ and you could win a Jackpot from 5,000 to 100,000!

Reveal your winning amounts by scratching your cards manually or by using the 'Scratch All' button, then push the 'Spin' button to spin the wheel and see what amount you have won. You can also stop the wheel using the 'Spin' button. If one of the amounts on your scratch card panels matches the amount upon which the wheel has stopped, you win!

Try this Super Chance scratch card and spin yourself rich!

Super Chance Loose super Chance Ticket Super Chance Win

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Treasure Island

Wellcome to Treasure Island! This foresty landscape holds the greatest treasures of the pirate captain just for you to find!

To start the games you firstly need to select your wager with values from 0.5€ to 10€. The main prize is €100 000. Once you have chosen your wager, hit the "PLAY" button. Break the locks on each chest to see what is hidden beneath its lid. Or simply click the "SCRATCH ALL" button to reveal everyhing including the prize. When you manage to find three coffins with gold from the four infront of you, You've WON! Open up the bloody red chest to reveal how much!
This game also has the Autoplay function. Enter the amount of cards to play and your minimun and maximun balance and wait for your win.

Carry away your share of the loot and sail off towards the sunny Caribbean!

Treasure Island Loosing Ticket treasure Island Scratch Card Treasure Island Winnin Ticket

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All 12 signs of the zodiac are presented in front of you on a ring of the Zodiac - choose the right sign and you will be rewarded with the riches only fortune tellers dream of!

Start the game by selecting the price of the scratch card. Prices are from 0.5€ to 10€ and the prize amount depends on your wager. The greater the price of the card, the greater the winnings. Press the "PLAY" button to buy the card and start scratching the stars manually or just click the "SCRATCH ALL" button to let the program do it. Press the 'Spin the wheel' button and hope the wheel will stop at one of the signs you have just scratched open.
Autoplay function can be modified with the amount of cards to play and your minimum and maximum balance.

Spin the wheel and let the signs of the Zodiac decide your future!

Zodiac No Win Zodiac Start Zodiac Win

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