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The online scratch card and other instant-win games market has been growing for some years now. Today there are dozen of different instant-win games with fantastic themes, graphics and sounds.

These interactive games offer the players something the offline games are just unable to deliver; Huge wins, unbelievable payouts of over 90% and a varying card price range.

We at TopScratchCards.com are proud to offer our visitors the greatest instant-win games of all and we do it 100% Free!

More reviews and previews can be found on our Scratch card games. There you will also find detailed instruction on how to play each game!

Hippodrome | Splash Cash | World Cup | 100m Champion | Bowling | Darts | Gone Fishing


Hippodrome is for all you racing enthusiasts out there you dabble in the odd horse bet. Put your skills to good use in the Scratch Card game and win a jackpot of upto 100,000 which will get you racing off to the Bahamas!

It's very simple! All you have to do is select your desired card price (0,5$/€/£ upto 10$/€/£) and the number of cards you would like - the higher your card price, the more money you can win! Hit the 'Play' button and your cards will automatically reveal the order in which the horses are to finish the race. The race will begin and the eight horses will race to the finishing line taking 1st to 8th positions. If you have a matching 'finishing place', you win! For example: if the yellow coloured horse finishes in 5th place, and you have a yellow horse in 5th place on one of your cards, you're a winner!

For automatic play, you may use the Autoplay feature - this is great for determining the boundaries of your game. There is also a 'Max Cards' option which automatically purchases the maximum number of 8 cards.

The race is on to the Jackpot...who will win?

  Super Hippodrome Run Hippodrome ReslutsSuper Hippodrome Win

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Splash Cash

Splash Cash will have you in fits of laughter as you watch your player strike a pose to fit through the body-shaped hole in the wall. If your selected play strikes a position that matches that of the hole in the wall, you win!

You have three players to choose from, so try your luck and you could be a 100,000 Jackpot winner!

All you have to do is choose a card price between 0.5$/€/£ (upto 5,000 Jackpot) and 10 $/€/£ (upto 10,000 Jackpot). Then, scratch your prize panel at the top of the screen to see the amount could win and hit the 'Play' button. Pressing the button 'Scratch All' will automatically scratch the panel for you.

You also have the option of using the 'Autoplay' feature which sets the limits for playing the game.

Splash out now and play Splash Cash for your chance to win upto 100,000!

Splash Cash No Win Splash Cash Almost Splash Cash Sucsess!
Splash Cash Win

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World Cup

It's a World Cup penalty shoot out against Brazil and you're the scorer! Do you have what it takes to beat Brazil?

To get started, select your card value; this ranges from 0.5$/€/£ (upto 5,000 Jackpot) to 10$/€/£ (upto 10,000 Jackpot). Scratch the panels above to reveal your potential prize and Brazil's score and then hit the 'Play' button. Move the football shoe to the left or right to indicate which direction you would like to kick in, and click the mouse button to shoot the ball. You have five chances to score the maximum number of goals!

If you'd like to get straight down to scoring, use the 'Scratch All' function to reveal the scratch panels automatically. You can also use the Autoplay function to determine the limits for your game.

Beckham...eat your heart out!

World Cup Goal World Cup No Win World cup Win

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100m Champion

Step up to the running track and spectate while eight runners race for 1st place! If the runners' finish in the correct order as featured on one or more of your scratch cards, you win!
You can select up to eight cards and win upto 100,000 according to the card price you select!

This game is themed for sporting enthusiasts and will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Start playing by selecting your card value ranging between 0,5 $/€/£(Jackpot 5 000) - 10 $/€/£(Jackpot 100,000). Then, select your number of desired cards and hit the 'Play' button. Then just sit back and watch the runners compete. By choosing the 'Max cards' option, you can select the maximum number of eight scratch cards and the 'Autoplay' feature allows you to play the game automatically with minimal involvement.

So, get playing now to win more than just a gold medal - there's a huge 100,000 Jackpot to be won!

100m Champion Finishing Order 100m Champion No Win 100m Champion Runners
100m Champion Win

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Welcome to the Crazy Ball Bowling Lanes! Get your bowling shoes on and bowl for your chance to win instant cash!

All you have to do is choose your card value; select an amount between 0.5 and 10$/€/£ and you can win between 5,000 and 100 000! To start the game, press the 'Play' button and scratch the Champion's Score and each of the prize values below. The aim is to click on each of the three bowling balls to see if your score is higher than the Champion's score - you have three chances to win!

If you fancy some speedy bowling, select the 'Scratch All' button which will reveal all prizes.

Play Crazy Ball and see if you can make a lucky strike!

Bowling Win Bowling No Win

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Step up to the Darts Board and compete against the Champion to see you can get the highest score. Will you be the next Darts pro walking away with a wad of 100,000 in your pocket?

Get started playing Darts by choosing your card price amount ranging from 5 $/€/£(Offering a 5,000 Jackpot) and 10$/€/£(offering a staggering 100 000 Jackpot) and then click the 'Play' button. Scratch out the Champion's score and the Prize and you will automatically pick up a dart which you'll throw by clicking your mouse. You have three darts and three chances of beating the champion score...good luck!

If you want to concentrate on your darts game, you can use the 'Scratch All' button which will take care of all the 'foil-scratching' for you!

Aim high and hit the target 100,000 Jackpot with this very amusing interactive scratch card game. How skillful are you?

Darts Win Darts Loose

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Gone Fishing

Fancy a spot of fishing? If so, join three fishermen in 'Gone Fishing' to see if you can hook a Jackpot of upto 100,000. All you have to do with this interactive scratch card game is to choose a fisherman and wait to see what he pulls out of the water. Will it be a spare tyre, an old boot or a valuable cash prize?

To start fishing, select your card price: the higher your card price, the more money you can win. Card prices start from 0.5$/€/£ and go upto 10$/€/£ and offer you the chance of winning a Jackpot between 5,000 to 100,000.

Click the 'Play' button, scratch the prize plaque on the small sand dune and then click on the fisherman of your choice - then just watch with excitement as your fisherman pulls your prize fish from the water.

Selecting 'Autoplay' gives you the option of determining the number of games to play as well as the maximum and minimum balance - on Autoplay you can toggle the Play/Pause button to stop and start.

Good lucking fishing out that 100,000 Jackpot!

gone Fishing Win Gone Fishing Loose

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