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Triple Wins Scratch Cards

Previews of Net Entertainments Triple-Wins Scratch Cards...

Triple Wins Scratch cards are used by a few Casinos operating on Net Entertainment's software. The games are very nicely done and have great win rates, payouts and prizes! The top prize for all Triple Wins series cards are €100 000 but the last two (High Roller and Platinum) also feature progressive jackpots!

There are four different scratch cards with prices from 0.5€ to 5€ making Triple Wins Scratch Cards available for all kinds of players. Take a look at our brief preview of these nicely-themed instant win games.

You can randomly draw 10 scratch cards and select the one you believe is the winning one. By selecting "10 New Tickets" those 10 cards will be replaced with other 10. You can buy you ticket by clicking on the "Buy Ticket" button.

There are different scratching tools at your disposal and you can see them by clicking on the "Scratch Tools" button. If you prefer to spare your hand from scratching, just click on the "Scratch All" button.

Every card has a multiplier field that will multiply the amout you win (1-10 times). All scratch cards can be played for free or for real money.

All four scratch cards are nicely produced with fantastic effects and even scratching sounds! The possibility to choose your scratcher is a good idea and it fits in well with the theme of each game.

You can try these games for free on our Free Scratch Cards page.

Triple Wins (0.5€) | Star Ticket (1€) | High Roller (2€) | Platinum (5€)

Basic Triple Wins

0,5€ Triple wins - scratch card has a stage-theme with spotlights, camera flashes and everything related. Scratch tools are: 1€ coin, plectrum with casinos logo on it, bottle cap and a car key. Remember that you need to scratch the fields so that a green border surrounds the scratched field.

Triple Wins - Select The Card Triple Wins - No Win Triple Wins - Paytable
Triple Wins - Scratch Card Triple Wins - Tools Triple Wins - Ticket Wins

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You can play the basic Triple Wins at Unibet and CasinoEuro

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Triple Wins - Star Ticket

1€ Triple wins - Star ticket - has an elegant old movie theatre theme, with a stylish red curtain and a spotlight illuminating the 10 scratch cards in front of you. Scratch tools in this ticket are: car key, unibet chip, plectrum and 1€ coin. This time when you scratch a field open the border will change its colour to yellow.

Triple Wins Star Ticket - Choose Your Card Triple Wins Star Ticket - Loosing Ticket Triple Wins Star Ticket - Paytable
Triple Wins Star Ticket - Win Triple Wins Star Ticket - Scratch Ticket Triple Wins Star Ticket - Scratching Tools

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You Can Play Triple Wins Star Ticket at Unibet and CasinoEuro

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Triple Wins - High Roller

2€ Triple wins - High Roller - is glamour themed scratch card featuring its own progressive jackpot. Your scratch tools this time are all golden: a diamond ring, keychain, 1€ coin and a tie holder! The Jackpot is possible to win by scratching 3 gold bars. You know you have scratched enough when every panel has a golden border around it. Thre are exactly 400 000 winning tickets in each million "printed" tickets, meaning that the winning rate is 1 to two and a half, in other words: excellent!

Triple Wins Jackpot - Choose Scratch Card Triple Wins Jackpot - No Win Triple Wins Jackpot - Paytable
Triple Wins Jackpot - ScratchCard Triple Wins Jackpot - Scratch Tools Triple Wins Jackpot - Winning Ticket

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You Can Play Triple Wins Jackpot at Unibet and CasinoEuro

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Triple Wins - Platinum

5€ Triple Wins - Platinium - Reflecting platinum and diamonds are the main theme in this scratch card. All your scratching tools are platinum: diamond ring, key chain, tie holder and a coin. Progressive jackpot is also a feature in this Triple Wins version and you can drop it on your account by scratching out three (3) diamonds.
This scratch card has the biggest progressvie jackpot of all Triple Wins cards, over 100,000 is just waiting there to be won that lucky someone; could it be you?

Triple Wins Platinum - Choose Your Card Triple Wins Platinum - No Win Triple Wins Platinum - Paytable
Triple Wins Platinum - Scratch Card Triple Wins Platinum - Scratch Tools Triple Wins Platinum - Winning Ticket

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You Can Play Triple Wins Platinum at Unibet

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