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The Best Scratch Card Sites

Small reviews of the best online scratch card websites...

The web is full of different sites offering an array of information and offers. Our goal is to offer you, our visitor only the best Scratch Card Sites. Through our brief introduction of each site, we believe you will be able to select the one you prefer the most.

Crazy Scratch | Slots And Games|Slots N Games | Betsson | Casinoeuro
Unibet | 888ladies | BingoDay | Spin Palace

Crazy Scratch

Crazy Scratch uses the awesome neogames software now translated into eleven different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian.

It is THE scratch card game focused site to play at as it happens they offer the widest scratch card games selection online! The site is nicely done and immediately tells the visitor what it is all about, scratch cards!

There are 11 languages available at the moment and selection will be growing for sure. The currency available/used is clearli displayed as are the payment options, latest winners and the on going offers and campaings.

All the essential links are represented clearly and from the biggest advert field on the site you will find out the success behinde CrazyScratch; great payout (95%) even better winning rate (1:3) and humongous amount of different excellently done scratch cards!

Click here to get your £5 free and start Scratching and Winning at Crazy Scratch .com

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Slots And Games

Slotsandgames.com is a true site for slots lovers. Slotsandgames offers a selection of over 75 games in total, majority of which are slots of different style and type. All the games at Slotsandgames are uniquely themed after various subjects such as a Cars, Jewelry, Casino, Egypt and several other intriguing things to provide a great variety, feel and look.

Although Slotsandgames.com is mainly a slots site, it has in its vast selection of games, two of the most famous and played casino games of all time; Blackjack and Roulette. Both games are very well made and offer great time playing them.

Scratch cards are not missed at slotsandgames as the site offers over 30 scratch card games with one million being the top prize in several of them. Just like slots, scratchcards are well themed after popular and fun subjects.

Slotsandgames.com is a fully licensed and regulated soft gaming site with great looks, amazing games and a full European license from Malta. Payout at slotsandgames is 95% or more which makes it one of the most rewarding gaming sites today!

Experience great fun playing Slots and Games and get your £5 free at Slotsandgames.com

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Slots N Games

Slotsngames is a brand new site that offers a softer approach to casino games. Ok, you might wonder why would some one bother to do that, well, lets be honest, Online Casinos might seem a bit "scary" and a bit too "serious". And though there are lots of people looking for serious gamblilng, there are also those who are more interested in having fun playing the games, SlotsnGames is a place for those people.

Slots n Games has a soft layout of the page and offers all games in a "no-download" mode. In other words you don't need to download or install anything. Offered games include the basic casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and of course Slots. Other games such as number games and even scratchcards are also available. Total amount of games is 58 with 32 of them being slots, 6 scratchcards, 9 number games and 11 table games.

Scratchcards offered at slotsngames are all "3 of the same wins"-kind with a 3x3 grid and a price range from £0,25 to £10. Prizes are calculated using a multiplier system, in other words the more your stake is, the more your win will be. All available scratchcards have their own multiplier selections and graphics thus, every scratchcard game feels unique. Scratchcards are made with a good taste and a very easy-to-use interface, you can literally play the game using only one button!

A Softer approach to online gambling is a refreshing thing, as most all online casinos nowdays are made from the same mould offering the same games, SlotsNGames breaks that mould with style!

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Betsson is a must for almost any player. Those of us who question online gaming can leave our fears to one side and have peace of mind. Betsson is one of the very best European betting-casino, poker and bingo sites!

The services provided are clearly on display and the site as a whole looks very nic and welcoming. From the top-most navigation you can move on to the games that interest you the most, the same can be done by clicking one of the game-type-pictures in the middle of the page.

The flash advert rolling just above the game icons scrolls through different offers, campaigns and events. Registering with Betsson is very simple and logging in can be done through the right hand login fields at the top of the page.

There are quite a few languages available, from English to Greek and even Turkish!
You can play the games for free and it does not require you to login to do that. By clicking one of the game-type icons you are directed to a sub-page and from there you can easily move on to the games and other related information. The games themselves are very nicely developed and are actually quite addictive!

Click Here to Play at Betssons

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The CasinoEuro website is simple but it is still one of the favourites. The user does not get bombarded with useless information, instead any useful information is advertised/featured in a nice and clear order. The main navigation is on the left-handside and opens up once you click on a menu link. You have a good selection of languages and can even play some of the free casino games by clicking "play free casino games" button on the main page.The advert playing on the frontpage shows you a glimpse of some of the games. You can login into the casino from the login fields in the top-righ part of the site.

CasinoEuros site is quite simple but it works well and it does not scare visitors away with aggressive bonus offers.

CasinoEuro has a total of 3 scratch cards. All of them are a part of Triple-Wins family made by Net Entertainment. Prices are from 0.5€ to 2€ and all the cards have their own theme. All three scratch cards have the option to select a card yourself from the 10 randomly drawed. The "Scratch all" function can also implemented in every card and you can also change the scratcher!

CasinoEuro made the right call choosing these scratch cards and from the player's perspective, all cards have very good winning ration from 1:2 to 1 out of two and a half.

All-European CasinoEuro opens its doors through this link.

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Unibet has one of the largest collection of online games. Their great game selection includes poker, casino, betting, bingo, skillgames and also scratch cards as well as other soft games. You have a chance to get familiarised with some of the games for free but for some you need to login. Logging in to the site is easy and simple; you only have to enter your user information into textfields on the right side of the site and click "log in". On some pages you can play the games for free in the Mini-game box and so get to know some of their games.

Unibet's website is precisely designed and produced but it still might have just a bit too much information for not-so experienced online gamers.

Unibet offers its players triple-wins scratch cards. You have a total of 4 differently-themed cards with a different price tag. Prices are 0.5 for the basic card, 1€ for a star ticket, 2€ for a jackpot-card where you have a chance of winning BIG from progressive jackpot that is included. The most expensive scratch card is 5€ its labelled 'Platinum' and this too has its own progressive jackpot.

Click here to take advantage of Unibets services.

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888 Ladies

888 Ladies is mainly a bingosite, but its game selection offers a small variety of scratch cards to play with. All the scratchcards are comically themed and fit the 888ladies theme perfectly.

The site is beautifully done and has a clear structure. The pink theme is obviously made to attract female customers, and so are the advertisements. From the main page you can find everything you need: latest offers and campaigns and the latest winners! The navigation is clear, simple to use and has links to important and useful pages. The game selection can be checked from Games menu.

All in all, this website makes a positive impression and presents users with relevant information.

888 Ladies offer their games and competitions behind this link.

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Bingoday has quite a nice layout. The current bonus is straight in the middle of the screen giving the user options to play with or without making a download.

On the top navigation you can clearly see all the essential component; from how to get started all the way to cashier and support. The site is offered in four languages: Spanish, Frensh, Italian and German, with countries flags directing the user to each country site.
The Progressive ticker is in the upper part of the site just next to Bingoday's "Bingo Round the clock" text.
The site also utilises a calendar that links to the schedule part of the site that features all the latest happenings.

The site is well made and it's hard to find anything to whine about!

BingoDay will make your every day a Bingo day if you click here.

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Spin Palace

Spin Palace's scratch card is named Scratch Card! It is simple to play but it still offers exciting scratching moments! Spin Palace is based on Microgaming software and this game too is their handcraft.

You can choose your "bet" for the cards from 10 pennies all the way to 20 pounds!. Winnings naturally grow as the bet increases. The top-prize for £20 scratch card is £25.000!

Spin Palaces games are available through this link.

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