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Strategies and Tips for Online Gaming

A few nice tips to make it easier to get accustomed to online gaming...

Strategies & Tips for Playing Online

Security & Reliability

If you're new to playing online, you may have some fears about where the games are secure and fair and of course, whether the Scratch Card Site or Casino is reliable when it comes to paying out your winnings or storing your personal information. On topscratchcards.com, we feature a shortlist of gambling sites that give good payout percentages, can be trusted and are reputable within the industry. This pre-screening leaves you free to enjoy your games and collect your winnings with sound peace of mind. Having played at each of our featured sites as paying customers, we speak from personal experience and we are in no way influenced by advertising offers unlike many other information portals on the web.

Oh, one more thing, some sites may offer some "extra" prizes, something like raffles or alike. Slotsngames for exampler offers a great Prize giveaway with a total of £2750 in prizes!

Online Gambling Strategy

"A well-prepared player is a winning player".

  1. Budget
  2. Play Free First
  3. Bonuses
  4. Odds
  5. Rooms and Sites

1. Budget

It is very important to keep your game playing under control and within your financial means, this will not only safeguard your bank account but it will also maintain the element of fun and enjoyment. Try to set aside a certain amount of money that you will use and be disciplined. Once you have gained more experience and you have devised your own strategies for winning, you can re-evaluate how much you will play with in your following sessions.

2.'Play for Free' first

Practically all sites offer players the option to 'Play for Free' or 'Play for Real' - Playing for free is an excellent way of familiarising yourself with each new game until your confident and comfortable to play for real money. Why not indulge in a bit of free playing as it's a fantastic way to build your experience and make a personal evaluation of the game before putting any real money on the table.

3. Bonuses and Free Money

Most sites offer attractive incentives to get you playing so why not take advantage of playing with someone else's cash! When you move on to playing for real money, you can make the minimal deposit and first use your bonus money/free cash to kick off the game.

4. Odds Calculation

If you warm towards mathematics and you don't mind making a calculation or two, you might want to try a bit of 'odds calculation' - there is plenty of information widely available on the internet which can help you gain a realistic idea of your chances of winning a specific game. Some sites even offer an actual calculator which can calculate odds in realtime to assist you during a game of Poker for example.

5. Different Rooms and Sites

There are a multitude of online gambling sites ready to welcome new players, however we highly recommend the ones featured on this site. There is no limitation as to how many you can register with so you can feel comfortable to sign up and start playing immediately with one or more. It may be that you'll prefer playing with one or two particular sites after having played with a majority for free.

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